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About Sunrise Valley DIH

Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) was established in 2017 to provide companies with access to the latest digital technology solutions, to foster them in business processes, thus increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

The goal Sunrise Valley DIH is to promote digitization in traditional industrial sectors, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

The digital innovation hub operates on a one-stop-shop basis – upon separate request company receives all necessary information about digitalisation opportunities, available products and services, funding instruments and receives other consulting assistance.

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Digital maturity assessment and technological audit

Access to financial institutions and investors

Development of digital competences

Consulting about preparation of project applications

Identification of business opportunities

International opportunities, networking and dissemination

Projects and Networks



The Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub has become a part of the international BOWI community, which brings together DIHs and SMEs to create and deploy digital solutions. With the help of BOWI experts, partners, wider community and financial support of up to 100 000 euros, we will enable implementation of digital innovations with even greater power. Fund will be used to improve existing and implementing new digital solutions within Lithuanian SMEs during upcoming 21 months period. More information about BOWI here and here.


The members of the EDIH VILNIUS consortium will combine their strengths and competences to help SMEs and public institutions in the Vilnius region to implement digitalisation processes. The consortium will disseminate digital solutions using supercomputing, artificial intelligence and cyber security technologies. The services provided will not only increase the competitiveness of companies, but also enhance the competences of the staff of the organisations providing them. More

MERIT project

The main concern of MERIT is to equip the society with workers able to understand, manage and innovate in technological developments including artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and cybersecurity. MERIT’s vision is to improve the quality of life in Europe by increasing the number of young people who can contribute to the digital economy through enhanced on-the-job training as well as academic training at university level. More



Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Center has joined an international project Change2Twin as an external partner. The project provides an opportunity to grow the competencies of SVDIH experts in digital twin technology application. As part of this partnership, SVDIH will provide the consulting services for digital maturity identification and will help manufacturing companies to receive funding for digital twin applications in the business. More

SS-SIC-veiklos ir-paslaugu-pletra

Development of SV DIH activities and services

Project „Development of Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub activities and services” is partly financed from European Regional Development Fund financial instrument “Digital Innovation Hubs”. Project aims to foster investment into digital technologies, disseminate advantages of digitalisation, boost digitalisation competencies, improve infrastructure and widen the cooperation. Read more


DIH2 Network

At the end of 2021, Sunrise Valley DIH became a member of the DIH2 (DIH Squared) network. The network connects EU technology centers with access to robotics competencies. The members of the DIH2 network aim to transform the European manufacturing sector utilising technology for SMEs and this way boost the EU’s economic growth. Our role in this network is to facilitate the communication that enables the promotion of production efficiency, where speed and versatility are essential to meet customer needs. More


I4MS Community

In early 2021, Sunrise Valley DIH became the contact point for the I4MS community. The I4MS initiative and its community aim to promote the uptake of ICT by EU manufacturing companies. As a contact organization, SVDIH is one of the first to receive all information on online funding opportunities for production sectors and share it in its immediate ecosystem. More


AIOTI Network

Sunrise Valley DIH has joined AIOTI network since 2022. It aims to lead, promote, bridge and collaborate in IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies research and innovation, standardisation and ecosystem building providing IoT deployment for European businesses creating benefits for European society. The network co-operates with other global regions to ensure removal of barriers to development of the IoT & Edge Computing market, while preserving the European values, including privacy and consumer protection. More


SCoDIHNet Network

Sunrise Valley DIH has been participating in SCoDIHnet since 2020. The network aims to promote the digitization activities of European industry and to share good practice among its members. The network focuses on 5G, IoT and cyber security technologies. The SCoDIHnet is also intended to strengthen cooperation in the context of future EDIHs, and the signing of a cooperation document was initiated in 2021. The network currently has 78 members from 24 European countries. Meetings are held regularly on a monthly basis. More


Project “Industry 4: transforming innovation ecosystem through better capacity of public enablers” aims to increase the capacity of DIHs around the Baltic Sea Region, connect policy makers with digitalization enables around the Baltic Sea Region and develop tools for smarter digitalization solutions in SMEs. Read more


EDIH digital maturity assessment tool piloting in Lithuania

At the beginning of 2021, the EJRC has started developing a digital maturity tool for all European digital innovation hubs in the European Union. As part of its activities, Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, coordinator of Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub was invited to join the piloting of the tool phase and apply the experience gained by the InnoCAPE consortium. More


SmartUp Accelerator Network

The network was initiated as a result of the Interreg BSR project and was coordinated by Innovatum – a science and technology park in Sweden. During the accelerator’s operation, the members of the network met in several virtual meetings-discussions to discuss potential future initiatives involving existing members. On 2021 September 30, the public event “SmartUp Accelerator Network Digital meet-up: new routes” took place, which was also attended by external companies interested in consumer-oriented clean technologies. More


Kompetencijos LT

Project “Digitalisation competences development for manpower working in Lithuanian manufacturing industry” No. 09.4.3.-ESFA-K-814-02-0008 aims to increase professional competences in Lithuanian manufacturing industry so that the market would be ready to meet the challenges of implementing digitalisation projects in this sector.


Smart InoTech pramonei

Project “Smart specialisation for implementing STEM results in industry companies” aims to implement STEM results during digitalisation projects. The projects are expected to increase the manufacturing capacity of the high value added products.

Smart factories

The project “Smart Factories in new EU Member States aims to contribute to the efforts to build a DIHs network in Europe. The created network provides companies the access to competences, novel digitalisation solutions, testing infrastructure and services that foster innovation.



The MERIT project: studies focused on student experience and market impact

One year after the start of the MERIT project, on October 3-4, project members gathered in Tallinn to discuss the ...

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Launch of Cleantech for Baltics to help become a vanguard in sustainable innovation

Cleantech for Baltics was launched at Baltic Sustainability Awards in Riga on November 30th. Cleantech for Baltics' goal is to ...

More information

Sunrise valley science and technology park joins MERIT project

Sunrise valley Science & Technology park has joined the new project called MERIT (Master of Science in Smart, Secure and ...

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BOWI project brings funding for Lithuanian innovators

Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Center (SVDIH) has joined an international project BOWI in 2021. The project provides an opportunity to ...

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Achieving a difference in the world and in business digitalisation and sustainability must go hand in hand

Digital innovation is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, but to be truly effective, drastic changes in ...

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Selection of financial support instruments available for your digitalisation projects this Summer

Summer has just started and it is tempting to take us more time to relax from routine. Despite that, we ...

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4 DigiFed open calls for digitalisation projects

If you are searching for funding opportunities for your digitalisation projects, DigiFed has opportunities for 5000 Eur to 50 000 Eur ...

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Financial support for your digitalisation projects – from business accelerator to digital challenge

Several financial instruments are open for various digitalisation projects. Start preparing your application and receive funding for your next digital ...

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Hack4Industry 5.0 winners – from solutions for the medical industry to the country’s railways

The three-day industrial digitalisation hackathon ended with the Hack4Industry 5.0 pitching event. 11 teams offered their solutions and prototypes to ...

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4 open calls for digitalization projects

Several financial instruments are closing up. You still have a chance to apply and receive funding for your digitalization projects. ...

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Apply for the PULSATE open call dedicated for the technology transfer experiments. Beneficiaries – advanced and additive manufacturing market. Funding ...

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Virtual InnoCAPE digital maturity assessment tool

Designed for all kinds of companies to assess your digital maturity and give you a foundation for internal discussions on ...

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The network of Vilnius science and business organizations has been nominated as the European Digital Innovation Center

On November 20th a consortium of the strongest representatives of Lithuanian science and businesses was nominated as the European Digital ...

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TETRAMAX 4th open call for technology transfer
Deadline 2020-02-29

TETRAMAX is inviting to participate in the 4th open call for value chain oriented experiments on low energy computing for ...

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The Digital Innovation Challenge
Deadline 2020-02-28

The Digital Innovation Challenge invites Europe's digital SMEs and startups to innovate new services and win up to € 50 ...

More information

Trinity DIH Open Call
Deadline 2020-02-28

Trinity DIH project is inviting to improve the agility and productivity of your production processes by applying advanced robotic technologies ...

More information

EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission to South East Asia for ICT
Deadline 2020-02-21

EU Gateway | Business Avenues will take 50 of the most disruptive tech companies from Europe to Singapore & Thailand. ...

More information

LEDGER 2nd Open Call
Deadline 2020-01-31

LEDGER project has a 2nd open call for developers, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs. Project consortiums may apply for up to ...

More information

InvestHorizon accelerator programme
Deadline 2020-01-31

InvestHorizon is an accelerator programme designed to facilitate the access to Series A funding for selected deep tech companies and ...

More information


Change2Twin: digital transformation using digital twin technology
2022 - 06 - 29
Summer has brought news to the park - we have just been selected to participate in the EU funded project Change2Twin! The project aims to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies deploy their virtual copies, also known as digital twins. The companies that have been selected will receive funding to cover the costs of assessing their readiness for the digital twin (10 000 Eur voucher) and the digital twin (90 000 Eur voucher). Be the first to learn about the opportunities Change2Twin has for your business and sign up for a virtual information day.
DigiGreen 2022
2022 - 06 - 17
Energetikos ir technikos muziejus
Green transformation and digital transformation are the two engines that will drive industrial transformation and economic growth of the European Union in the near future. Companies that are the first to implement these changes in their processes will undoubtedly gain a competitive advantage and take a leading position. Anyone who wants to know more about the benefits and opportunities of these technologies is invited to participate in the conference and contact event!
Marketing strategies for clean technology business
2022 - 05 - 31
It is no longer enough to quietly create a clean technology start-up for significant sustainability change. You need to tell the world out loud about your decision and progress. We invite developers of environmentally friendly solutions to participate in this remote event. You’ll hear experts advising on how to convey the value of your product to your customers, build trust, and stand out from the competition.
Successful brands and designs. How to protect them?
2022 - 03 - 15
Do you know how to protect your brand or design? We are inviting you to participate in the virtual seminar, learn how to compare brands in terms of similarity and get examples of most common conflicting cases. Event lector: METIDA expert Inga Lukauskienė
8 main things that distinguish rapidly and slowly growing export Lithuanian companies
2022 - 01 - 28
What are 8 main things that distinguish Lithuanian companies rapidly and slowly growing their export? How to get to the first group? Join our webinar on 28th of January and get to know answers to these questions. Vladas Latvėnas, a partner and co-founder of the export consulting company Foris Consulta, will share his knowledge on the topic. V. Latvėnas holds the position of project manager and has contributed to the export development of more than 50 Lithuanian companies exporting to Scandinavia, Western and Central Europe, North America, and the Far East.
BOWI info day for Vilnius region
2022 - 01 - 13
Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, coordinating Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub, together with the partners of the international BOWI project, invites innovators from the Vilnius* region to join the information seminar of the BOWI open call on January 13th. During the virtual seminar you will learn: How to get BOWI funding of up to 60,000 EUR for a digital technology experiment? Which companies eligible for participation in this call? What experiments are expected from innovators?
DigiGreen conference
2021 - 11 - 30
Experience the power of becoming green by using digital solutions – join the virtual "DigiGreen" event on November 30 – it‘s the final InnoCAPE project conference! This innovation-rich event will showcase the best practices of the green and digital transition in the Northern Europe, provide insights on the future prospects, recount funding opportunities as well as digitalization capacities that Digital Innovation Hubs of Scandinavian and Baltic countries have to offer.
Copy is not welcome: how to secure your intellectual property?
2021 - 05 - 10
Intellectual property rights is one of the issues you should not put on hold. We are inviting you to participate in the virtual seminar and learn about available funding opportunities to specifically ensure your business intellectual property. Event lectors: UAB "Metida" experts. Registration required.
Futurepreneurs 2021 DEMO DAY
2021 - 04 - 07
Everyone interested in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and startups are invited to join the Grand Final of Futurepreneurs 2021 - DEMO DAY! The event will take place on the 7th of April and will be fully digital, so join the event from wherever you are! Teams of the pre-acceleration program will present their sustainable business ideas for the jury members and the public.
How to access 3.5 mil. EUR funding available via TRINITY project?
2021 - 04 - 08
Join virtual informational webinar, where you will learn how Lithuanian companies can access funding to increase manufacturing agility and productivity by using robotic, digital and cybersecurity solutions. The event will be dedicated to overview opportunities provided by the European TRINITY project.
Customer value proposition
2021 - 03 - 03
Who is your ideal customer? Can you choose your customer, or does the customer choose you? What is customer value, and how can you create it? These and other questions will be answered during this workshop.  The training session will be led by Edgaras Kriukonis, Digital innovation expert at Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub.
Hack4Industry 5.0 - Hackathon
2020 - 03 - 26/28
Hack4Industry 5.0 is a three-day hackathon designed to promote digital innovations in industrial sector. Hackathon’s goal is to generate ideas on how to solve industrial business challenges and to offer alternative as well as innovative solutions. Hackathon will look for solutions to reduce businesses’ bottle necks, to be more efficient and to be more digitalised. Hack4Industry 5.0 is a great opportunity to use your creativity, knowledge and skills, expand your horizons and make new partnerships!
Futurepreneurs Launch Day | Lithuania
2021 - 02 - 10
Next week Sunrise Valley Science and Technology park is starting with its Futurepreneurs 2021 programme, where participants will learn how to attract investors for their business ideas. These topics will be covered during the opening ceremony "Futurepreneurs Launch Day | Lithuania" by investment experts and experienced startups.
Nordic IoT week 2020
2020 - 04 - 1/2
Helsinki, Finland
The ongoing digital transformation has affected life, society and economy more than any other technological development before. In search for economic competitiveness and growth, IoT is one of the most crucial questions in the world. Companies are invited to join the event to accelerate growth by seizing new opportunities and creating significant competitive advantages. You will get 1000 participants, Brella networking app, 2 stages, exhibition, briefings, workshops and keynote speakers from US, Germany, Spain and Denmark.
Digital ecosystems
2020 - 02 - 05
Do not miss a chance to participate in webinar “Digital ecosystems, real chance for manufacturing SMEs”. Professor Valerio Alessandroni will be discussing about the benefits SMEs get by using shared digital platforms – creating a collection of flexible services can quickly move and adapt to a company’s ever-changing needs.
Business breakfast
2020 - 01 - 31
Vilnius, Lithuania
We are looking forward to meet you in business breakfast event. Edgaras Kriukonis, innovation expert from Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub, will be giving a presentation about the value novel technologies give to business when it eliminates limitations the business is facing. The event is organized by Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology in collaboration with Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.
Digital enterprise show 2020
2020 – 05 – 19/21
Madrid, Spain
DES (Digital Enterprise Show) will host more than 300 top tech companies, 450 digital technologies experts and 21 000 other exposition visitors. During the three days event you will be able to join discussions about current digitalisation trends and its positive influence for businesses, increasing knowledge and future solutions.
Oslo Innovation Week 2019
2019 – 09 – 23/27
Oslo, Norway
Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub representatives were participating in Oslo Innovation Week 2019, where they had a chance to gain latest knowledge in innovation trends, meet likeminded professionals and make new business contacts for potential partnerships.


Laima Balčiūnė

Director of SVSTP, Head of SVDIH

Edgaras Kriukonis

Digital innovation expert

Andrius Gurskis

Digital innovation expert

Laurynas Braškus

Innovation consultant

Evelina Šalavėjienė

Project coordinator

Martina Skripauskaitė – Braškė

Project coordinator


Skirmantė Šlivinskienė

Project coordinator